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Our Farm

At Offering Farms, our primary tool of farming is the soil, and its myriad, complex ecosystems of microbes; not the tractor nor the harvester. Food quality wholly and solely depends on the quality of the soil it is grown in. Hence, we focus on nurturing the soil biology by implementing regenerative systems of agriculture like intercropping, cover crops, multi-layered farming and the inclusion of farm-fresh, microbe rich compost. 


We take organic a step further by obtaining heirloom, open-pollinated seeds from seed-banks across the world as well as varieties indigineous to Indian soil that have been untouched by genetic modification. This exercise is fundamental to our vision of being 100% organic, and goes beyond the conventionally organic measures of being chemical-free. 

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Our Team

Amrita and Sanmitra helm a small team of local farmers, who like them, are fascinated by what the earth can spring forth. 


While Sanmitra oversees the operational and supply chain structures of the business, Amrita manages all the farms, alongside the Farm Manager, Rajesh. The backbone of Offering Farms, Asha, Neelima, Hausa and Tai painstakingly and lovingly coax the land into cooperation; from sowing the seed to reaping the harvests. Experienced Gopal Bhai nurtures the cows at the sheds in Somurdi, Maharashtra. 

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