About the Farm

Born out of the experiential joy of savouring wholesome produce whilst abroad, Offerings Farm is co-founded by life-partners turned first-generation organic farmers, Amrita Chaudhary and Sanmitra Pandharpur, who fulfilled their dream of

localising the most nutritious and  flavourful fruits and vegetables from around the world, on their bountiful farmlands in the Purandar plateau of western Maharashtra.  Spread over 20 acres, Offering Farms has been certified

organic since 2015....Read more

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Our Products

We grow a varied and delicious range of organic vegetables and fruits, with a focus on seasonal delights year-round. Produce is our mainstay. 


Additionally, our offerings also comprise of a special list of premium preservative-free packaged foods including unique varieties of indigenous Rice and Beans, as well as a range of Dairy products like A2 Ghee and Butter, gained humanely from our native cows. Our growing selection of Herb Saplings and Composting Tools enable self-sufficiency at home. 

‘What binds all of us together - as farmers and stewards of the land, is our want to honour the natural processes of farming, to allow time and season dictate what is grown and how it is grown at Offering Farms, rather than the rush of customer demand, and the disguised conveniences of modern agriculture including fertilisers and pesticides.’
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